Selected Interviews and Reviews of Author Laura Lee
(links active at time of posting)

Broke is Beautiful

Feeling Bad About Being Broke? Here's the Perfect Book for You, Charlotte Observer, May 2010

Interview with Josh Strickland, 97.5 FM, Lansing, MI, May 2010

Is Broke the New Black? MSN Money, May 2010

Read Broke is Beautiful: It's Funny, Diana Page Jordan, April, 2010

David Magee Show, "The Value Show" episode, May, 2010

Nothing Wrong with Admitting You're Broke, Detroit Free Press, April 2010

Broke is the New Black, Revue Magazine, April 2010

Can Broke Be Beautiful? Real Detroit Weekly, April 2010

Dresser After Dark, April 29, 2010

Candy's Candor, (Ambition Talk, Internet Radio) April, 2010

Past Titles:

Pocket Encyclopedia of Aggravation

Something You Should Know, December, 2001

Bad Predictions

Call it a Hunch, New Haven Register

Flight of Fancy or Just a Nightmare, Rock Hill Herald

Forecasts That Missed By a Mile, The Futurist (cover story)

The Future Sure Looks Hazy From Here, Bryant Park Project (NPR)

Mis-Predicting the Future, Forbes

On a Futurists' Forum, New York Times

Predictions About the Millenium, NewsHour (PBS)

Whatever Happened to the Future, The Guardian

Arlo, Alice and Anglicans

Uncovering the Past of Alice's Church, Toledo Blade

100 Most Dangerous Things

Bottom Line/Personal Interview

Dangers in the Commonplace, Philadelphia Bulletin

Death By Bra, London Evening Standard

Friday the 13th, Toledo Blade

If Books Could Kill, The Floridian

It's the Little Dangers That Count, Rocky Mountain News

Something You Should Know (Transcript- Audio link no longer active), October 11, 2007

Blame it on the Rain Interview

Our Interdependent Web Forecast written for UU World

A Child's Introduction to Ballet

Oz-Teachers Review

Schadenfreude, Baby!

Midland Book Examiner