Test your Alice's Restaurant Quotient

How much do you know about Alice's Restaurant?  Find out!  If you'd like to study first- visit Fascinating Factoids from the book Arlo, Alice and Anglicans.  Not all the answers are there, but it might improve your score.  And whatever you do- don't get stuck humming the chorus of Alice's Restaurant all day long over and over and over and....

1. The song Alice's Restaurant mentions Alice and Ray. What other song does Ray appear in?
The Motorcycle Song
Coming into Los Angeles
Reuben Clamzo
2. Where is the church now known as The Guthrie Center located?
Stockbridge, MA
Great Barrington, MA
Martha's Vineyard, MA
3. According to the song, why did Arlo and his friend litter?
They were protesting the war
They were just bad kids
The dump was closed on Thanksgiving
4. How high does the song say the cliff over which they dumped the garbage was?
27 ft.
15 ft.
5 ft.
5. What year did the infamous garbage dump take place?
6. What was the real name of Alice's restaurant?
Alice's Restaurant
The Back Room Rest
The Wooden Spoon
7. How did Arlo meet Alice?
In school
Riding his motorcycle
In the restaurant
8. What was Officer Obie's real name?
Oliver Brown (Officer O. B.)
William Obanhein
Jerry Orbach
9. According to the song, when Obie put them in the cell, which did he NOT ask for?
Their wallets
Their belts
American Express
10. How many 8x10 color glossy photos were there in the song?
11. What was the real name of the blind judge?
James E. Hannon
Oliver Brown
Joseph Strange
12. What was the amount of the fine for littering?
13. According to the song, which room was the psychiatrist in?
Room 222
Rom 604
Room W
14. How high did Alice's Restaurant get on the singles charts?
Number 1
Number 23
It wasn't a single
15. Which magazine has Arlo Guthrie NOT appeared on the cover of?
16. The movie Alice's Restaurant was directed by Arthur Penn. Which of the following was NOT one of his films?
Easy Rider
Little Big Man
Bonnie and Clyde
17. Which of the following did not play him/herself in the movie?
Officer Obie
18. Alice's Restaurant The Massacree Revisited adds an anecdote about which president?
19. There are three Alice's Restaurant cds now available. Which one contains multimedia tracks?
The original
The movie soundtrack
20. According to the song, where is Alice's Restaurant?
In the church
Half a mile from the railroad track
In your imagination