A Child's Introduction to Ballet Trivia Quiz!

Do you think you know ballet? Take this fun quiz with facts from the book "A Child's Introduction to Ballet" by Laura Lee.  

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  1. Where was ballet invented?

  2. Italy

  3. Which European monarch was once a dancer?

  4. Queen Elizabeth I
    King Louis XIV of France
    Czar Nicholas I
    King Henry VIII

  5. This is the oldest ballet still being performed to this day.

  6. Swan Lake
    Fancy Free
    La Fille Mal Gardee

  7. Which of these ballets is set in Scotland?

  8. Esmeralda
    The Nutcracker
    La Sylphide

  9. This ballerina is credited with popularizing dancing on pointe.

  10. Marie Taglioni
    Fanny Elssler
    Anna Pavolva
    Agrippina Vaganova

  11. Which of these ballets was NOT composed by Peter Tchaikovsky?

  12. The Nutcracker
    Swan Lake
    Sleeping Beauty

  13. Which ballet features characters named Kitri and Basil?

  14. Rite of Spring
    Don Quixote
    The Nutcracker

  15. Which ballet features characters named Odette, Siefried and Rothbart?

  16. Swan Lake
    Sleeping Beauty
    Daphnis and Chloe
    Prodigal Son

  17. What famous ballet company was originally made up of orphans?

  18. Marseille Opera Ballet
    The Bolshoi Ballet
    The Kirov Ballet
    American Ballet Theater

  19. How many performances of The Nutcracker are staged in the U.S. each year?

  20. 50
    Between 100 and 200
    Around 1,000
    More than 2,000

  21. Who choreographed the famous ballet solo The Dying Swan?

  22. Lev Ivanov
    George Ballanchine
    Jerome Robbins
    Michel Fokine

  23. Which of these ballets was based on a Russian folk tale?

  24. The Nutcracker
    Fancy Free

  25. Which of these ballets features a jealous cowgirl in love with a cattle wrangler?

  26. Rodeo
    Swan Lake
    Les Sylphides

  27. George Balanchine once choreographed a ballet for what animals?

  28. Dogs

  29. What famous ballet dancer oncce appeared on The Muppet Show and sang a duet with Miss Piggy?

  30. Suzanne Farrell
    Mikhail Baryshnikov
    Rudolf Nureyev
    Margot Fonteyn