Poem for Zachary

Those moving cream colored figures
that answer when you call
one day you will know them as "mother and father"
before words, Zachary
feel that quilt warm emotion from them
that one day you will know as "love"
before words, Zachary
know the relief of that nagging pain
that you will come to know as "hunger"
that elixir that we call "mother's milk" will nourish you 
before words, Zachary
see the light turn to darkness and the light return
experience "day and night" purely
for one day you will learn that we divide the day and night into
units we call "time"
before words, Zachary
know the things that we forget
when they fall through our vocabularies
before words, Zachary
know that you breathe the air 
and that all these things come from this place
that now welcomes you 

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