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Once Upon a Time includes scenes from the brand new ballet Snow Maiden, never before seen in the United States!

Created in cooperation with the Russian National Ballet Foundation, a Moscow-based cultural organization, the production features an original score by composer Vladimir Solokov and is choreographed by Ivan Fadeyev of the Novaya Opera Theatre whose works are described as "striking, modern and powerful."

“Fadeyev’s fantasy is like fireworks!” wrote the Russian press.  "The ballet Snow Maiden is one of those rare productions, where all the elements – music, stage design, costumes, dance monologues and dialogues, ensembles and mass scenes-- are in harmony, creating a beautifully wholesome image of a real-life, fairytale world... it offers something for both adults and children, making it attractive as a family production that feeds minds and souls of audiences of all ages."

Snow Maiden

Natalya Sats Theater Nutcracker Ballet

Scenes from Snow MaidCostumes were designed by Xenia Shimanovskoy, a 25-year veteran of Moscow stages. Shimanovskoy has created costumes for hundreds of productions and has had costume exhibitions in museums in Russia and the United States. American critics praised the work for its "lyrical surrealism."

Scenes from Snow Maiden are followed by the lovely pas de deux from Cinderella and the whimsical Cippolino.  Performed to the music of Karen Khachataurian, Cippolino features vegetables in a garden come to life with music and dance. 

The second act will transport audiences to the enchanted world of Swan Lake, and features the lively ethnic dances from the family-favorite Nutcracker. 

You can see video clips of the production along with a documentary on the Natalya Sats Children's Musical Theater and the making of Snow Maiden in our Video Room.

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