The Elvis Impersonation Kit

Ever wanted to try on the iconic jumpsuit?  Is Jailhouse Rock your Karakoke signature song?  Wonder  if you have what it takes to personify the King of Rock and Roll?  This is the book for you.

Packaged with a pair of plush, paste-on sideburns, a ring, and a pair of Elvis sunglasses, this is the must-have kit for every Elvis wannabe. Whether the goal is small (to imitate Elvis authentically at a party) or lofty (to take the stage at an Elvis tribute artist event) this complete guide to reincarnation as the King takes readers step by step through the metamorphosis. Topics include:

• Which Elvis to be (50’s Elvis, 70’s Elvis, Movie Star Elvis, Gospel Elvis, or Rockabilly)
• Costumes and accessories
• Hair and sideburns
• How to sing like the King
• The moves, stage presence, and dialect
• How to be a non-white and/or non-male Elvis
• The Elvis training diet (including a few recipes)
• And much more!

Read sage advice and testimonials from professional Elvis tribute artists, pick up little-known facts about your idol, and cash in on the subtle secrets to achieving the essence of Elvis.

Only $19.95.  Price includes U.S. shipping. 

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