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             Don't Screw It Up

One of the best things about this book, beyond the helpful hints, is that the author is funny, very funny. She is candid, tells it like it is, and inserts humor that helps keep the pages turning."-Feathered Quill Book Reviews

This witty, light book takes a fresh spin on all the mistakes we make everyday that end up costing us big in our wallets, our health, our homes, and beyond. Topics covered are Yourself (appearance, skills, all things you), Your Home, Your Cooking, Your Money, Your Relationships & Family, and Your Health. This perfect combination of humor and wisdom entertains readers as they learn how to make their lives better by avoiding and remedying common screw-ups.

Valuable secrets featured in Don’t Screw It Up! include:

  • How to quickly turn off the water so an overflowing toilet does not flood your bathroom;
  • The perfect burger can be made if you just leave the patty alone on the grill and don’t poke it;
  • Winning at Rock, Paper, Scissors is a matter of simple psychology;
  • The key to avoiding a hangover is to put water out for yourself before you start reveling;
  • And much more!



Broke is Beautiful Cover Image



Broke is Beautiful


The economic downturn has forced nearly everyone into a life of limited means, but author Laura Lee was broke before it was cool. She won’t tell anyone to clip coupons or forego their morning latte—in fact, she won’t give any guidance on how to be saved from a dark financial destiny. Instead she provides readers with a psychological how-to full of fun tidbits. Broke is Beautiful is an insightful compendium of history, inspiration, facts, and humor that all celebrate the lack of money as a gateway to more serenity, self-awareness, and yes, even security.

In the tradition of Alain de Botton’s How Proust Can Change Your Life and Eric Wilson’s Against Happiness: In Praise of Melancholy, here is an unconventional take on a subject that is relevant to us all. It is quirky comfort for the (literally) poor soul: offering historical and geographic perspective, ponderings on consumerism and credit scores, and even recipes for ramen noodles.

Read more on the Broke is Beautiful Blog.





A Child's
                    Guide to the Ballet cover

  A Child's Introduction to Ballet

Written in cooperation with Valery Lantratov, People's Artist of Russia and director of the Russian National Ballet Foundation, Laura Lee's first children's book features ballet stories, history and fun facts with a CD featuring musical selections from such ballets as Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Firebird and more.

"If the child in your life longs to command center stage, this interactive book is a must... Perfect for the little dancer in your life!"-Cricket Magazine




Elvis Impersonation Kit Cover


Elvis Impersonation Kit

2006/Black Dog and Leventhal


"... a well-researched, interesting little... book, which... manages somehow to both be slightly mocking of the Elvis Impersonator Phenomenon as well as respectful of it... I have no hesitation in recommending this book to Elvis Impersonators."-Paul Hyu ("Chinese Elvis")





Blame it on the Rain

2006/Harper Collins

"Lee presents intriguing browsing items for history buffs."-Publishers Weekly

"Students will enjoy Lee's concise, conversational style and the quirky relationship she identifies between humans and the forces of nature."-School Library Journal


Also available as an ebook

100 Most
                  Dangerous Things



The 100 Most Dangerous Things in Everyday Life

2004/Broadway Books


Featured on Good Morning America, CNN’s and Glamour Magazine.


“ is worth risking the perils to peruse Ms. Lee’s pages.  Her droll A (art supplies) through W (weekend) guide to the hazards of existence is both entertaining and edifying.  It is also, in this age of color-coded alerts, oddly comforting.” - The Wall Street Journal




Dictionnaire des Contrarietes



Dictionaire des Contrairetes

2004/Stanké (French language edition)

Available through the Canadian Amazon page by clicking on the cover above.

Pocket Encyclopedia of Aggravation




The Pocket Encyclopedia of Aggravations

2001/Black Dog and Leventhal

“These are the maddening moments in life and they’re cataloged hilariously in Lee’s book… Her specialty is simplifying academic jargon and turning it into amusing information.” - St Petersburg Times





Bad Predictions

2000/Elsewhere Press


“A funny collection of serious statements that did not come true... I laughed at nearly every page...  In short, there’s something in this book for almost everyone. Highly recommended.” - Book Browser



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Arlo Alice and Anglicans


Arlo, Alice and Anglicans

2000/Berkshire House/W.W. Norton

“... mines a fascinating topic.” - Publisher’s Weekly


Schadenfreude, Baby! Cover Image

Schadenfreude, Baby!

Schadenfreude has taken hold in the American vernacular. This German word translates, roughly, as “pleasure taken at someone else’s misfortune,” and it has been mentioned more than once on The Daily Show The Simpsons, Boston Legal, The Colbert Report, and Two and a Half Men, and was the theme of a song in the musical Avenue Q.  This little book compiles scores of Schadenfreude moments, and takes a laughing look at our tendency to find humor in people's falls from grace.  The sometimes we find humor in the tumble itself, but it is just as often our own reactions that are the focus of my humor.  If you're a fan of the dark humor of books like The Darwin Awards you'll find much to love in this book.  If, on the other hand, you enjoy the way the Daily Show and Colbert Report skewer the 24 hour news media for following Paris Hilton with bated breath, you'll find a healthy dose of that as well.  The rich and powerful hoisted by their own petards, and the people who can't get enough of them are both treated in this little book.    



Angel cover image
a novel by Laura Lee

"...leaves me feeling as if my life has been enriched by reading it."-Awesome Indies

Since the loss of his lively, charming wife to cancer six years ago, minister Paul Tobit has been operating on autopilot, performing his religious duties by rote. Everything changes the day he enters the church lobby and encounters a radiant, luminous being lit from behind, breathtakingly beautiful and glowing with life. An angel. For a moment Paul is so moved by his vision that he is tempted to fall on his knees and pray.

Even after he regains his focus and realizes he simply met a flesh-and-blood young man, Paul cannot shake his sense of awe and wonder. He feels an instant and overwhelming attraction for the young man, which puzzles him even as it fills his thoughts and fires his feelings. Paul has no doubt that God has spoken to him through this vision, and Paul must determine what God is calling him to do.

Thus begins a journey that will inspire Paul’s ministry but put him at odds with his church as he is forced to examine his deeply held beliefs and assumptions about himself, his community, and the nature of love.

"Angel is a book that needs to be read a few times...It’s deep, it’s thoughtful, its beautiful and evocative.  Angel challenges the reader to look at themselves, their lives and re-examine their preconceived notions."-Pavarti K. Tyler





Laura Lee is one of the few people in America who has worked as both a professional mime and a corporate speech writer for major corporations and international dignitaries.  One of the founding members of the Vorpmi Improvisational Comedy Troupe, a radio announcer for many years and the former public relations director for the Moscow Ballet and current producer of ballet productions and educational projects with the Russian National Ballet Foundation, she is the author of numerous books.   Her writing has also appeared in such publications as The Futurist (cover story), Reader’s Digest, Seattle Magazine, Preservation, Smithsonian and Private Pilot.  Of her writing, The San Francisco Chronicle said, "Lee's dry, humorous tone makes her a charming companion… She has a penchant for wordplay that is irresistible."

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