Invited to Sound- Cover Art


"We do not say a bell was 'struck', we say it was 'invited to sound'"-Thich Nhat Hanh

In the introduction to her first collection of poetry, Laura Lee writes: "I have found this to be a wonderful metaphor for so many things in life. The difficulties we face, the criticism, the losses, the disappointments can leave us feeling as if we have been 'struck'. But these blows are also an invitation to see the world from a new perspective, an invitation to understand our true natures, an invitation to reconsider and learn."

With vivid imagery and a playful use of language, "Invited to Sound" takes the reader on a journey of discovery that begins deep in the self and moves outward, touching on learning, loss and love.

Elsewhere Press invites you to hear the sound of Laura Lee.

Some Poems from Invited to Sound:

Poem for Zachary

The Gift of the Gas


The Cord

                                                                       Cover art: "Vision" by Melanie Birdsey
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