Double V Promotions and the Russian National Ballet Foundation
Once Upon a Time
performed by The Ballet Company of the
Natalya Sats Musical Theater 

With vivid colors, gravity-defying leaps and spins and folktale characters come to life, Once Upon a Time is a spectacular performance that makes ballet fun for kids and adults alike.  Performed by some of the world’s most honored talents and directed by People’s Artist of Russia, Valery Lantratov, it is uplifting and fanciful entertainment from the innovative theater that created Peter and the Wolf.


Fairy tale characters, beautiful princesses, and folk dancers from many lands take the stage.  Traditional favorites like The Nutcracker and Cinderella are featured along with ballets rarely or never before seen in the United States—Cippolino, a perennial favorite with Russian children—and The Snow Maiden, a brand-new original work that debuted in Moscow this winter.  Mom and Dad will enjoy the breathtaking artistry of some of Russia’s finest talents. 


Snow Maiden Natalya Sats Musical Theater

Ballerina from Natalya Sats Musical Theater

Theater pioneer Natalya Sats' ambition was both to create new productions specifically aimed at a younger audience, and to present the classics in a way that made them accessible to young people.  Her pioneering style is the basis of most children’s entertainment to this day.   


Once Upon a Time features selections from the Natalya Sats Musical Theater’s repertoire especially selected for their ability to amaze and equally delight the young and the young-at-heart.

Once Upon a Time includes scenes from the brand new ballet Snow Maiden, never before seen in the United States!

“Fadeyev’s fantasy is like fireworks!” wrote the Russian press.  "The ballet Snow Maiden is one of those rare productions, where all the elements – music, stage design, costumes, dance monologues and dialogues, ensembles and mass scenes-- are in harmony, creating a beautifully wholesome image of a real-life, fairytale world... it offers something for both adults and children, making it attractive as a family production that feeds minds and souls of audiences of all ages."

See clips from Once Upon A Time in our Video Room along with a documentary feature on the Natalya Sats Musical Theater and the making of Snow Maiden.


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